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Have your best academic year ever with the Ultimate Student Os for Notion

Student OS: Your Ultimate Digital Student Planner

Maximize your academic potential with Student OS, the all-in-one digital planner that streamlines your study routine and helps you stay on top of your tasks.

Get better grades

Student OS is easy to use and has been proven to help students achieve their goals and get better grades. With a comprehensive set of features, you can organize your notes and tasks, never miss a deadline, and stay on top of your assignments.

All your academic information in one place

Tired of having your stuff scattered in different apps? With Student OS, you can finally have all your notes and academic and personal information in one intuitive dashboard. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools and apps.

Never miss a deadline again

Missing a deadline can have serious consequences, but with Student OS, you'll never have to worry about it again. Thanks to a comprehensive system with a calendar and reminder, you can say goodbye to overdue assignments and hello to the organization.

Stay on top of your assignments and tasks

With Student OS, you can keep track of all your assignments and tasks in one place. The all-in-one dashboard provides you with all the current and relevant information you need, including upcoming exams and assignments with different views, task and to-do lists, and a calendar.

Retain what you learn with Active Recall

Student OS includes a comprehensive flashcard system designed for active recall and spaced repetition so you can retain what you're studying and get better grades. With this tool, you can improve your memory and comprehension while minimizing the time you spend studying.

Track your grades. Plan your career.

Student OS automatically calculates grades and GPA in one place. Add your assignments and exam credit, and the formulas take care of the rest. You can also use Student OS to organize your career with an internship and job application tracker.

Collaborate with your classmates

Student OS makes group projects and collaborative note-taking easier than ever before. With this tool, you can share notes from your classes and collaborate on


  • Dashboard: Upcoming Assignments, Class, Currently Reading, Pomodoro Timer, Navigation Bar, Notebook
  • Classes, Timetable, Semesters, Professor, Credits,
  • Assignment & Exams:
  • Notebooks with pre-built templates
  • Reading Tracker with progress bar
  • Task & Planning, Calendars,
  • Study Hub: Flashcards, Active Recall, Pomodoro Timer
  • Student Life: Expenses Tracker, Personal CRM, Extracurricular Activities
  • Career: Job & Internship Tracker, College Admission Tracker,
  • Grade and GPA Calculator
  • Resource and Bookmarks
  • Shared Hub

The template only works with Notion. It's optimized for use on laptops and desktops. It’s accessible with any device. When accessed from smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets the template will appear different than the listing image. The functions remain consistent across all the devices.


⦁ Desktop, Laptop (Recommended), Smartphone, or Tablet to access Notion (Mac or Windows)
⦁ A Free Notion account
⦁ Basic understanding of how Notion works


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Notion Ultimate Student OS

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