Kakeibo Budget Planner for Notion

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Regain peace of mind while hitting your saving goal with a Kakebo Budget Planner for Notion. Mindful spending is a habit we can all practice. Simply keeping track of your income and expenses will help you establish better financial habits.

Designed to help you keep track of your spending, and reach your saving goal, in a visually appealing tool, based on Japanese money wisdom.

Kakeibo is a minimal, mindful approach to finance and budgeting. Inspired by the traditional Japanese ways of saving money, it simple yet powerful way of approaching finance. The premise is simple, instead of mindless spending and hoping to save some money, Kakeibo reverses the process, by implementing a method where you save first and then spend.


1. Estimated a reasonable saving goal by calculating your average expenses and income per month.
2. Each month, add fixed income and subtract fixed expenses. Your monthly saving goal is calculated from the yearly goal and has already been taken off your budget.
3. You can spend the money left, and be sure to hit your saving goal. Keep track of all your spending throughout the month, tag them by category and type (need, want, culture, unexpected)
4. At the end of the month, you can review your spending by category and type
5. No more wondering where all your money is going! Use the informations to make a better financial decision next month.


⦁ Time-Proof Method from the millenary Japanese wisdom.
⦁ 12 Month Spread linked to a Yearly Goal and Yearly Overview
⦁ Automatically calculations
⦁ Currency is easy to change.
⦁ Intuitive to Use
⦁ Visually Pleasing
⦁ Easy to explore expenses by category or type
⦁ Customizable (3 Aestathic Preset Included: Japanese, Minimalist, and Pastel)


DASHBOARD: 12 Month, Saving’s Progress, Yearly Goal, Sample Month, Yearly Overview

YEARLY GOAL: Establish a saving goal. Use the budget estimator to set a reasonable yearly goal. Break it down into an easy-to-achieve monthly goal, that is going to feed the budget formula for each month.

YEARLY SAVING PROGRESS AND OVERVIEW: Track how much you’ve saved in total and per month.

SAMPLE MONTH: Filled out the sample month so you can see how the method works.

⦁ Linked view of the yearly goal
⦁ Month Budget Summary and Review
⦁ Income Tracker
⦁ Fixed Expenses Tracker
⦁ Expenses Tracker
⦁ Japanese Quote

With your purchase, you’ll get exclusive notions assets so you can customize your tracker to fit your style and aesthetic. Get creative!

⦁ 3 Aesthetic Preset Included (Japanese, Minimalist, and Pastel)

Notion is a powerful note-taking app that has revolutionized the planning world. It’s free, easy to use, and highly customizable. Unlike other digital planners, Notion templates can be customized to meet a person's unique needs and style. Powerful yet easy and flexible is the perfect planner for those who like to have all their finance organized in one, efficient yet aesthetic tool.

The template only works with Notion. It's optimized for use on laptops and desktops. It’s accessible with any device. When accessed from smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets the template would appear different than the listing image. The functions remain consistent across all the devices. For a better experience, I advise using it on a bigger device.

⦁ Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, and Tablet to access Notion (Mac or Windows)
⦁ A Free Notion account
⦁ Basic understanding of how Notion works

There are no return policies when you purchase a digital download. Please, message me with your questions before purchasing.

All templates are for personal use only and may not be resold or redistributed under any circumstances.


Drop a message at support@notionavenue.co

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Kakeibo Budget Planner for Notion

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