Notion ADHD Focus Planner (CBT-Based Digital Planner)

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Overwhelmed no more. Tame your ADHD Brain with our ADHD Digital Planner.

The ADHD Focus Planner is a Notion Template backed by science (CBT and DBT) designed to cut through the noise and fix your focus. With the Notion Template, you can organize your mind and life thank to six color-coded comprehensive sections, uniquely designed for how ADHD brains work. With 30+ intuitive pages and tools and a full video tutorial included, you will unlock a flexible system to achieve your biggest goals.

The Why behind the ADHD Planner

Organizing and staying focused is a challenge for those with ADHD. That’s why I spend 200 hours designing, researching, and implementing the optimal planner specifically designed to help manage the symptoms of ADHD. As a neurodivergent myself I know what it feels when your brain works differently. Setting up my task and goal with Notion has helped me get clarity, focus, and stay organized and on track, even when I feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Specifically, this system is designed to:

  • Break down goals into achievable steps
  • Get clarity on your life objective,
  • Remember things and organize your main life areas
  • Increase productivity while taking care of yourself


Notion is a powerful note-taking app that has revolutionized the planning world. It’s free, easy to use, and highly customizable. Unlike other digital planners, Notion templates can be customized to meet a person's unique needs and style. Great for those who have ADHD and want a flexible, yet comprehensive system to get on top of their life.


The ADHD Planner is designed to help ADHD folks to tame their life, time, and mind. The planner's focus is not to be more productive for the sake of it, is to give you a tool to let you feel in charge of your life, and progress toward your goal, mindfully and at your own pace. The planner included more than 30+ pages, color-coded into six sections that will cover most of your life needs. 

The planner is easy to tailor to your need: you can delete, move or replace pages that don’t fit your lifestyle.


What’s Included?

DASHBOARD: Your control center.

Easy access to the main databases.

  • Navigation, Daily Focus, Daily Task, Brain Dump, Journaling, Expense Tracker

GET THINGS DONE: Never forget a task.

  • Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, Monthly Planner, Hero’s Journey Goal Setting, Rewards, Inbox

ORGANIZE MY STUFF:  Organize the things you love the most.

  • Money Tracker, Library, Bookmarks, Smart Wishlist, Media List, Music Playlist, Brain Dump, Important Event, Relationship Manager

LIST EVERYTHING: Does anyone love lists?

  • Custom list

SELF-CARE: Take care of yourself

  • Self-Care Activities, Journaling (with Affirmations and Gratitudes), Habit Building, Fitness Tracker, Therapy Journal, Medication Tracker, Sleep Tracker

HOME MASTERY: Tame your domestic life

  • Grocery List, Recipes, Meal Planner, Plant Care, Digital Declutter, Home Cleaning, Pet Care

CALMING TOOLS: Learn to manage your symptoms with science-based strategies.

  • Digital Coloring
  • Self-Therapy Workbook (Based on CBT Therapy)
    • Emotions List
    • Cognitive Distortions
  • Relaxing Music, Soothing Activities,
  • How to Calm Down (Based on CBT Therapy)

GUIDE & FAQ: The planner included a full-video tutorial playlist to guide you to each section of the template, to help you get on track right away, and 


With your purchase, if you join our email list, you’ll get exclusive Notion assets so you can customize your planner to fit your style and aesthetic. Get creative!

  • 2400 Icons Pack (120 Unique Notion Icons in 2 styles and 10 colors)
  • 70+ Notion Cover Images (range from pastel to natural to vibrant colors)
  • 5 Dashboard Icons in 10 Colors
  • 6000+ Complete Icons Pack
  • 120 Golden Icon Pack


The template only works with Notion. It's optimized for use on laptops and desktops. It’s accessible with any device. Please note, then when accessed from smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets the template would appear different than the listing images. The functions remain consistent across all the devices.


  • Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, and Tablet to access Notion (Mac or Windows)
  • Basic understanding of how Notion works (Beginner Resources are Included)
  • A Free Notion account


There are no return policies when you purchase a digital download. Please, message me with your questions before purchasing.


All templates are for personal use only and may not be resold or redistributed under any circumstances


Drop an email at

For Japanese speaking client: A fully translated version of the ADHD Planner is now available in Standard of Premium Package.

日本語を話すクライアント向け:ADHD Plannerの完全な翻訳バージョンが、スタンダードまたはプレミアムパッケージで利用可能です。

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A science based (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) ADHD Planner

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Notion ADHD Focus Planner (CBT-Based Digital Planner)

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